General Information
Shipped Characters: Amber Millington and Alfie Lewis
Status: Dating
Rivals: Mickber


Other Pairing Names: Alber
Amfie (Amber/Alfie) is the romantic pairing of Amber Millington and Alfie Lewis. These two have been off and on for a while now. It all started when Alfie had a crush on Amber and had been begging her to go out with him. Jerome cruelly jepordized the many nice things that Alfie tried to do for Amber.  Amber refused to date him unless he completed the "Amber Millington Guide to Dating" book. He completed it but Amber was still unsatisfied with dating Alfie. In a few episodes Amber's care for Alfie is shown, which tells us that Amber did have feelings for Alfie.

Amber and Alfie got back together in the season 2 finale.