General Information
Shipped Characters: Amber Millington and Fabian Rutter
Status: Good Friends
Rivals: Amfie


Other Pairing Names: Ambian
Famber (Fabian/Amber) is the friendship pairing of Amber Millington and Fabian Rutter. These two are good friends, mostly because of their connection through Sibuna. Famber would most likely not date because of Fabina and Amfie, but they are great friends because of Sibuna mysteries.

Fabian and Amber moments:Edit

Season 1Edit

House of Secrets/House of Attitude:Edit

  • Amber says that old people are so 'old' and Fabian coughs up his drink in laughter.
  • Fabian and Amber are standing next to each other during Nina's imitation.
  • Amber asked Fabian where Mick is and Fabian said "he didn't want to come."
  • Fabian and Amber both get mad at Patricia for locking Nina in the attic.
  • Fabian and Amber both go after Nina when she's locked in the attic.!