Hello everyone! I'm MaraJaffray100 or Krystal... this is my very first blog post on this wiki! I am an admin for this wiki and I came up with the idea (whoops boasting a little bit there). My good friend Ambersibuna101 founded this amazeballs wiki and our good friend Sibuna Forever is also an admin! We need a fourth admin so if you're interested tell us! I am a big, huge, GIGANTIC Amber fan!!! I can't even put into words precisely how much I love Amber. We'll put it like this - every time I see her on T.V., I automatically squeal with excitement due to my Amber reflexes. I love Amber because she is beautiful, smart and loyal. I also love that she STARTED SIBUNA! DUH!!! I ship Amfie, Mickber and Muldash. I pretty much like all of the Amber friendships but my favourite is Namber!!! I also LOVE Ana Mulvoy Ten because she is the BEST ACTRESS IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! She was made to play Amber. On my blog I will be posting all things Amber! Feel free to leave a little comment in the comment section! Bye-bye!

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