Hi, this is Krystal here and I need your help. We (the admins) are thinking of making Crew pages for our favourite Amber Millington pairings, much like the Team pages on the Glee Wiki and Society pages on the House of Anubis Wiki. Jade has made a test page, which you can view here.

Since we can't exactly have a quadrillion pages for pairings no one cares about, we're having a vote! Vote in the comment sections for the pairings you love. They can be romantic or friendship. But wait, there's a catch! (You knew there would be, didn't you?) You can't just vote saying "Amfie, Mickber, Jamber, etc. etc." You need to have a reason for it e.g. "I vote for Amfie because they have cute chemistry and the best scenes etc." We need ten votes for a major pairing and eight for a minor pairing (check the pages if you are unsure as to whether it is major or minor). There is no closing date! What are you waiting for? Vote, vote, vote!