These are the userboxes for the Amber Millington Fan Club Wiki. To use them, it's simple. Put two brackets like this {{}} outside the template for example {{Amber}}.

Amber Userboxes


AmberS3two This user loves Amber!


AMillington This user has loads of Amber obsession!


Images6 This user feels happy whenever they see Amber on TV!


AmberS3two This user will always be an Amber fan!


AmberS3 This user is team Amber!


AmberLipGloss This user wants Amber to do their makeup!


AmberOutfit This user loves Amber's outfits!


Amber'sHair This user is keeping calm and wishing they had Amber's hair!

Ana Userboxes

{{Ana Mulvoy Ten}}

Ana mulvoy ten ben horton photoshoot in malibu 2012 dv5X3NM sized This user loves Ana Mulvoy Ten!


Ana1 This user is obsessed with Ana!


AnaWardrobe This user wants Ana's wardrobe!

Amber Shippings


Addie This user ships Addie!


Amara This user likes the Amara friendship!


Amara1 This user ships Amara!


AmfieS2 This user ships Amfie!


Famber1 This user ships Famber!


Jamber This user ships Jamber!


MickberDance This user ships Mickber!


Namber1 This user likes the Namber friendship!


Namber2 This user ships Namber!



AmbsM This user just had a blonde moment!

If you are curious as to how to create userboxes, please refer to this page. If you encounter any further problems, please message one of the admins or another user who is skilled with making userboxes, and they'll be happy to help!